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​I was asked to review the new baby wrap from Wrapy. I have never used a baby wrap before and now have a toddler so I was interested to see if it would work with a toddler. My toddler LOVES to be held so she actually enjoyed the wrapy! The wrapy can be used for little babies or toddlers. I haven't had my daughter in a carrier in so long so I wasn't sure if she'd like it still. She didn't want to get out! For all the mommies out there who have never used a baby wrap, no fear! Included with the baby wrap is a booklet that shows you how to do a simple wrap and different techniques for carrying them! It even has a specific wrap for toddlers! It also comes in a very convenient cloth bag to carry it and put it away. It is very comfortable for both mommy and baby. I took her for a walk around the neighborhood in it and she did not want to get out. It's also convenient for times when she is extra needy and I need to get stuff done around the house. She "helps" me sweep up the floor while getting the mommy time she needs! If you are looking for a wrap, this is an excellent choice! It is comfortable and easy to use.  

You can get your own wrapy here!